From Pemuteran: Kawah Ijen Midnight Blue Fire Tour


Pick up hotel in Pemuteran– Kawah Ijen blue fire tour – Drive back to Pemuteran (Midnight Tour)

The Ijen Blue Fire tour will start from your hotel in Pemuteran, Bali about 11.00 PM (Bali Time). Your driver will bring you to the western part of Bali, Gilimanuk Ferry Port is one of the busiest ports that help people who want to travel to Java Island by land. It will take about 2 hours and then take a ferry for about an hour. Upon arrival at Ketapang Ferry Port (Java Island), you will be escorted by your other driver and local guide for the Ijen Blue Fire tour. The Ijen Blue Fire tour will start at 1.00 AM when you still have enough time, you will be suggested to buy some food in the minimart nearby for your breakfast on the top of the mountain. Then the car will take you to Paltuding, Paltuding is a parking place where we will park our car and start our trekking to Ijen Crater. Paltuding stands around 1850m and Ijen Crater is around 2386m.

Blue fire at Kawah Ijen which only can be seen at

The journey to your hotel in Paltuding will take about an hour. Upon your arrival in Paltuding, you will be asked by your guide to prepare everything that you need such as torchlight and so on. We will walk 3 km and we need ± 1, 5 hours to the top of Ijen Crater. When you have reached the top of Ijen Crater, you will see the blue fire in small size from the top of the Crater, if you are still fit enough, you will be guided to go down for 30 minutes to see the blue fire closer, make sure you have put the gas mask on your neck. The path to go down into Bluefire point is so dangerous, it’s rocky and slippery, and you must walk slowly and listen to your guide. The blue fire is actually from the hydrogen sulfate gas that meets oxygen in the air, and it only appears at night. At 5.00 AM, you have to go back to the top of the Ijen Crater to see the sunrise and the view of Ijen Crater from above. The scenery will be wonderful when the sun shines perfectly on the crater because Ijen Crater has a beautiful big sulfur lake with a turquoise color. Ijen Crater is one of the most active volcanoes with the most acid lake in the world, the acidity reaches 0,8 ph – 0,5 ph.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery around 6:40 AM, we have to go back to Paltuding then drive to you to have breakfast and take a shower. Around 11.00, we will take you to Ketapang Ferry Port, and then we will take a ferry to Bali for about an hour, upon your arrival at Gilimanuk Ferry Port (Bali Side), you will meet your driver who will drive you back to your hotel Pemuteran Bali.

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