Tabuhan & Menjangan Snorkeling : One Day Tour

Snorkeling at menjangan and tabuhan from banyuwangi
Snorkeling Activity at Tabuhan and Menjangan Island
Banyuwangi is not only visiting Kawah Ijen For The Blue Flame and Sunrise, there are so many options to do here for your holiday. One of most visited destination is Menjangan & Tabuhan Island. You can see the charming underwater beauty of these two neighbors island. The exoticism of the underwater coral reefs of Menjangan Island and enjoying the gentle waves in the afternoon on Tabuhan Island makes you never want to leave. Ready to meet Nemo? Come check out the itinerary below :

Pick up Banyuwangi Hotel - Drive to Grand Watu Dodol

Our driver and tour guide will pick you up from your  hotel in Banyuwangi after breakfast at around 07.30 AM. This time is conditional, could be change depend on your hotel location. We drive straight to Grand Watu Dodol for about 45 minutes, this is the starting point to get to Menjangan & Tabuhan Island.

A short brief for the safety instruction and snorkeling preparation stuffs such a safety vest and snorkel gears. Then we are ready to jump on the boat and ready to set a sail...

On the boat to go to Pulau Menjangan for snorkeling
On the boat to go to Pulau Menjangan for snorkeling (45 minutes on boat ride)

Snorkeling at Menjangan and  Tabuhan Island

After boat 45 minutes boat riding, we finally arrive at the first snorkeling spot at Menjangan which is rich of underwater coral reef beauty. You can also will see small fish, coral reefs and other marine biota from above the water surface. Then we are heading to the second snorkeling spot that will be lots of fish species such as clown fish. Finish snorkeling, we have lunch on the box.

Leave Menjangan towards Tabuhan Island by boat, this island is special. Apart from the clear bluish sea water, the waves on the north side of Tabuhan Island are also quite calm. Therefore, snorkeling activities in this tourist area will be very enjoyable. To get the best underwater view, try heading to the center of the island. Be careful with corals and sea urchins that might be stepped on by your feet...!

Because it is not very wide, you can easily walk around Tabuhan Island. Apart from the view of the beautiful white sandy beach, there are also many interesting spots here to pose in front of the camera, one of which is the "building ruins" spot on the beach. It takes only 15 minutes to do this.

Finish exploring Tabuhan Island, we get back to Grand Watu Dodol by boat. Have a shower, changing clothes, and little bit break then we drive back to the hotel around 05.00 PM. This package is a private tour, so there is no other persons join the group. For your advice to avoid to come on weekend and public holiday as will be more crowded...

What will you get..?

The price we quoted has already included :
  • Lunch box
  • Mineral water
  • Permits and entrance tickets to tourist destinations
  • Boats to and from Menjangan Island and Tabuhan Island
  • Permit for snorkeling activities
  • Snorkeling set
  • Life jacket
  • Underwater documentation
  • Tour Guide
  • Private transfer from Hotel Banyuwangi (Go and back)
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