Tumpaksewu & Tetes Cave : 1 Day Tour Started From Malang

Tumpaksewu Waterfall, Lumajang, East Java

Pick up from Malang city

Tumpaksewu Waterfall is one of the highlight attractions to be visited when you are in Malang, one of the most-visited places in East Java. Starting from Malang in the morning around 07.00 AM, our driver can meet you at your hotel in Malang. If you are coming to Malang by Night Train From Yogyakarta, we can pick you up from Malang Train Station in the morning. Then directly drive to Lumajang for about 2 hours to get to the base entrance, take a rest while having breakfast before exploring the waterfall.

Extreme path to get to the bottom of Tumpaksewu Waterfall

Exploring Tumpaksewu Waterfall & Tetes Cave

A 15-minute walk from the main entrance, our first stop is the panoramic viewpoint. Here we can see the whole view of the waterfall, you can even fly a drone here to get the best bird-view video of the waterfall. After enjoying the panorama view, you are required to walk down for about 45-60 minutes depending on your fitness, and be warned that this is quite tough and slippery trekking down. The path down begins with bamboo stairs that require you to walk it down. Keep walking slowly and stay concentrated. After walking over the bamboo stairs, we will walk down the rocky path and the slippery path with a small waterfall running down it. Be steady and hold the rope strongly. Make sure you have a good shoe for it.

Tetes Cave: Exploring Tetes Cave after Tumpaksewu Waterfall
When you have passed the difficult path, you just follow the small flat path down until you reach the river, this waterfall is surrounded by cliffs and dense forest. So, it’s quite cold and the water from the waterfall will shower you. Once you reach the riverbank, you must cross the river with a small bridge and make sure you are in your balance. The next river is without a bridge, there is only rope to hold it. Once you have passed two rivers, it means you are arriving at the bottom point of  Tumpak Sewu Waterfall.

Enough taking photos at Tumpaksewu Waterfall we will continue our adventure by visiting Tetes Cave, located not too far from the main track. re just around the corner from the sTumpaksewu waterfalls. So you just need to wander over and have a look. They are small but it’s not about the destination it’s about the journey. And you get to walk upstream and get wet, have some water fall on you. It’s about the experience. This cave is amazing...

Drive back to Malang

At the end of the tour our driver will drop you off back to Malang, approximately arrive at your hotel in the evening around 05.00 PM. If you want to explore more waterfalls nearby we advise you to book a custom tour package.

You can combine the Tumpaksewu tour with the visit to Mount Bromo and Kawah  Ijen, this is one of our most popular tour packages https://www.ijenauthentictour.com/2023/06/tumpaksewu-bromo-ijen-3d2n-from-malang.html

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