A Night Train From Yogyakarta to Malang : Honest Review

Night train from Tugu Yogyakarta to Malang

Malang-Tumpaksewu-Bromo-Ijen (3D/2N) - is our most favorites tour packages and most of guests take a night train from Yogyakarta to be arrived early in the morning in Malang to drive directly to Tumpaksewu Waterfall. Taking a night train could save time and money, you don't have to pay for a hotel and could save time for sure.

Book a night train from Yogyakarta to Malang

All the night trains are available from Tugu Train Station,  the main train station in Yogyakarta. Tugu Train Station mostly used for long range travel and premium class train only. Another train station called Lempuyangan which are located further from the center is provide a local and lower class train. So make sure you choose the right station before booking the ticket.

Night Train Schedule Yogyakarta To Malang

Ticket Price, Classes, and schedule

The ticket price will be varied depend on the class, it started from IDR 220.000/Person for Business Class. Book an executive class could be more expensive due to the upgraded facilities. You will get a captain seat for executive class, it could be reclined so that you can sleep on the train. Meanwhile for the business class train, you will seat on a bench  fit for 2 persons. The bench is fixed, can not be reclined. Air conditioned, restaurant on the train, and  toilet are provided on the train. For the update train price, schedule, and availability, just simply click green button below.!

Recommendation : 
We highly recommend to take the night train at 21.00 so that you can find the taxi to get to Tugu Train Station easier

How to get to Tugu Train Station

The easiest way to get to Tugu Train Station from your hotel is by Gojek or Grab Taxi, we advice to take a train at 21.00 to make sure you still get a driver as it is not too late night. Taxi price will be depend on how far your hotel location from the station. Make sure to arrive at the train station 30 Minutes before the departure time, save your E-Ticket on your smartphone. Scan the barcode to the self printing machine at the station to get your boarding pass. Show the boarding pass to the officer then he will let you in...

Note :
Ask the officer which track the train will depart, ask the officer on the train to show you the right cabin and seat by showing your boarding pass as it is printed on it.

Train facilities and services

The has already provided by air conditioner, restaurant, and toilet. There will be also train attendants ready to help you to provide your needs, this is one of the greatest part. On train securities also regularly stay on guard to make sure passengers safety. So you can sleep without worrying your bags stole, this safety you can not get when you take a public bus.

The only big difference between the executive and business is only the seat, for the business/economic class has a bench for two persons seating. A little  leg room, the bench can't be reclined. We advise to take Executive Class so that you can rest better before exploring Tumpaksewu Waterfall that needs your best physical stamina.

I found nice vlog about taking a night train from Yogyakarta to Malang by @aylinkko which describe how was her experience while taking a night train from Yogyakarta to Malang...!

Pick up at Malang Train Station

When you book a tour with us for to go do Malang-Tumpaksewu-Bromo-Ijen (3D/2N), our driver will meet you up at Malang Train Station. He will be waiting at the exit gate of the station, we will text you on whatsapp photo and name of your assigned driver who suppose to pick you up. We do not use a sign name to avoid scammers..

If you have more question about Getting A Night Train From Yogyakarta To Malang, just simply write your question on the comment section below. For tour enquiry please reach us on whatsapp or email..!!

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