Motorbike Riding To Kawah Ijen, Is it safe?

Riding a motorbike to Kawah Ijen could be the cheapest option compared to booking Kawah Ijen Midnight Tour Package, but there are a few things you need to consider before deciding to go to Kawah Ijen on your own by motorbike. So that you can hike to Kawah Ijen safely without any hassle on the road.

Motorbike riding from Bali to Ijen

1. Where to find the motorbike

If you are coming from Bali by Motorbike, you can just go to cross to Java by ferry. Pay extra for about IDR 30.000, and the officer will let you go on the ferry together with your motorbike. Motorbike rentals are easy to find in Banyuwangi, one of them is Tripoli Motorbike Rental (Click here for map location) which is located right in the city center. You can also rent a motorbike at Banyuwangi Kota Train Station (Click here for map location). There are many motorbike rental companies located just in front of the train station. They rented a motorbike starting from IDR 75.000/24 Hours which included a helmet for 2 persons. The price will be varied depending on the type of motorbike, it could be more expensive if you rent a bigger motorbike.

Rent a bigger motorbike such Honda Vario or NMax if you are going to Ijen for 2 persons as it has more power to be able to pass steep road of Ijen. Try to ride the motorbike for few meters to check the functionality of the break, head lamp, speed and fuel indicator and make sure all things normally work.

2. Road to Kawah Ijen & How To Get There

The road to Kawah Ijen is easy to find, there is only one way to get from your homestay in Banyuwangi to Kawah Ijen. So that you won't get lost anyway, you only need to find Bumi Perkemahan Paltuding (Click here for map location) from your hotel in Banyuwangi then follow the road on the map. The ride will approximately take 1.5 hours, depending on your hotel location.

The road to Paltuding is good, dominated by curved roads and lack of street lights make you need to be careful and extra concentration as sometimes it can be a blind spot. It is so steep at a certain part that maybe you need to get off the motorbike and walk a few meters away.

3. Things to prepare before the night ride

  • Make sure you buy fuel in advance as there is no gas station all the way to Kawah  Ijen, you can easily buy fuel at the local store in a bottle. 
  • Gas Mask and flashlight: You can rent them from a local at the parking area for 50.000/pcs, try to negotiate the price.
  • Valid Medical Form: for safety reasons, each visitor needs to prove that they are in good condition to hike Kawah Ijen. How to get the medical form for hiking Kawah Ijen?
  • Cash To Pay Entrance: We advise you to book the entrance ticket in advance online at, the entrance fee is from 100-150K per person and can be paid on-site.
Going to Kawah Ijen by scooter is cheap but it is also more risky compared with going on a guided tour. Make sure you are getting used to how to ride a scooter on the typical Indonesian road. Get enough sleep before the night ride and check the scooter functionalities such as break and front lamp work well.

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