How To Get To Ijen From Bali (Step by step Guide)

Green color acid lake at Kawah Ijen

What Is Kawah Ijen?

It is most known for the stunning blue flames that emerge from its crater. This geological wonder occurs due to the combustion of sulfuric gases that ignite upon contact with the oxygen-rich air. Mount Ijen also boasts a striking turquoise crater lake, one of the largest acidic lakes on Earth. This makes Mt. Ijen a popular destination for adventurous trekkers looking to see something extraordinary. 

Kawah Ijen also known as the biggest sulfur mining in Indonesia, there are men collecting sulfur from the volcano traditionally. They carry 80-100 Kg of sulfur rocks in the bamboo basket every day, and meeting them is also a unique experience.

It is located in Banyuwangi, only a few hours drive from Bali. While getting there is by no means quick, going to Ijen from Bali can be easier…if you plan it correctly. Either by booking a tour or doing it by yourself with a public bus and scooter rent.

Ubung Bus Terminal, Denpasar, Bali

1. Take a public bus at Ubung Bus Terminal

The bus station you need to get to is Ubung Bus Terminal which is located in North Denpasar, which means you should probably take a Gojek or Grab from your current location. The price varies depending on your location, for example, it will cost IDR 90.000 from Seminyak.

Leave your hotel in Bali after breakfast to Ubung Bus Terminal, and try your best to get to Java as early as possible because you need a rest before midnight hike to Kawah Ijen 

2. Get a local bus to Gilimanuk 

Once you get to Ubung Bus Terminal just get further inside and find the bus written Gilimanuk in front of its window. If you need any help with pricing and bus schedules, find the formal officer using a uniform. He will help you with real and honest information as they are hired by the government.

Step on the bus, and ask the price directly to the bus driver. Pay directly to the driver, for Non  AC or economy bus costs IDR 50.000 per person. The bus leaves every hour, so you can just show up at the bus station and find it easily. It takes 4-5 hours to drive to Gilimanuk, it depends on the traffic on the road anyway. AC bus costs almost double but is only available at a certain schedule. 

The bus from Denpasar to Gilimanuk is taking the south route if you are located not on the bus route, we advise you to hire a car transfer with a driver. You can easily find drivers online at or simply contact us to arrange a tour package for seeing Kawah Ijen with pick-up from Bali.

To avoid scams, do not make a deal with anyone unofficial. Pay the ticket to the bus driver directly, there will be some people who will try to sell you a bus ticket for higher prices.

3. Cross to Java by ferry

You will be dropped off right near the ferry port and you have to buy your ticket before you get on. The cost is Rp.6,500 or about $0.45 per person. The strait crossing takes about a half hour, and it can take one hour on a busy day.

These days they use a plastic card that locals can top up to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, they do not have a cash window nor do the machines take credit/debit cards. Unless you want to buy a card for Rp.25,000 you should ask the local attendant to buy tickets for you on his card and you’ll give him cash. He will ask for Rp.7,500 per ticket meaning he makes a cool 7 cents on the deal. Fine with me. The ferry leaves every half an hour, so it is not that important to follow a strict schedule. No matter what time you arrive at the port, there will always be a ferry crossing to Java.

4. Angkot to Banyuwangi city

Arriving at Ketapang Ferry port, you need to take Angkot unless your hotel is located within a walk distance from the port like Ketapang Indah Hotel. Angkot is a public minivan available right in front of the exit of the port which is mostly colored blue or yellow. Show your hotel name to the driver, and he will drive you right in front of your hotel in Banyuwangi City for about IDR 50.000 for the whole ride.

Angkot at Ketapang ferry exit gate, ready to take you to Banyuwangi
What about getting a Grab or Gojek? Unfortunately Ketapang Ferry port is a red zone for Grab or Gojek they are not allowed to pick up people from the ferry unless you walk for 1 Km to meet your Grab driver. We advise you to take Angkot which has a fair price as Grab or Gojek.

Where To Sleep In Banyuwangi?
Today the city has been growing significantly after the great promotion of tourism by the local government. From Jaw Dropping Resorts, 3-star hotels, and Budget Hostels to cheap homestays managed by locals. 

Noted that you have to leave around midnight to go to the volcano if you want to see the blue fire so it’s really just a place to put your things, charge your devices, and shower after a long journey so that booking a basic homestay is enough as you will not sleep in it for a long time. Unless you want to relax and stay longer in the city do Banyuwangi City Tour Package to explore more about the area.

5. Getting a driver or booking a tour?

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to get to Kawah Ijen, meanwhile getting a driver to Ijen on the Grab App may put us in a scam as the driver mostly will renegotiate the price double that on the app and you have no option as it is midnight. Hiring a private driver costs IDR 600.000,  this price is for go and back drive while the driver will be waiting for you at the parking area. Most drivers use 5-6 seater cars, if you come with friends it will be good to share the cost with them. To get to Kawah Ijen, you also need to pay an entrance fee which costs IDR 150.000 per person, and rent a gas mask IDR 50.000/Pcs, you can easily rent it from the locals in the parking area.

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Book Kawah Ijen Midnight Tour

You can find any tours online or simply ask your hostel to arrange the tour for you, most hostels and homestays in Banyuwangi provide a sharing-cost tour to see the blue flame at Kawah Ijen. We offer a group-sharing cost tour for IDR 400.000 per person which includes the driver, entrance fee, gas mask, and tour guide. For more details about our shared tour itinerary, you can click here Kawah Ijen Sharing Package Tour Enquiry

We also organize a private tour to see the Blue Flame to Kawah Ijen from Banyuwangi, good for travelers who are searching for a more intimate and informative tour with no rush timing. An extra visit to the rubber and coffee plantation on the way back to Ijen.  What you can expect from booking our tour..?
  • Best Price Guaranteed - We searched online on GetYourGuide and found that our tour is 20% cheaper
  • Excellent Staff - Experienced staff with great knowledge of the area and speak very good English.

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Rent a motorbike to get to Kawah Ijen

Renting a motorbike to get to Kawah Ijen is probably the cheapest option, a normal scooter only costs around IDR 75.000 per 24 hours. Another expense is only for fuel which will cost less than IDR 50.000. Motorbike riding to Kawah Ijen would be so challenging because you need to ride a scooter at midnight. There is only one way to get to Paltuding Parking Area Ijen from Banyuwangi City, so there is no way you get lost.

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Those are a few options for how to get to Kawah Ijen either book a tour or do it by yourself by riding a motorbike. You can consider which one is the best option depending on your budget, travel time, and travel style. Feel free to contact us to consult your travel plan for Kawah Ijen, or simply write a comment on the below post here.!

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