5 Best Photo Spots At Kawah Ijen Can't Be Missed

Most of tourists go to Kawah Ijen for hunting the blue flame, Kawah Ijen is not only about getting photos of the blue fire but also it the beauty of the whole volcano area. Here are some spots you have to stop over and take photos of them.

1. Blue Fire 

It is called blue fire because you can see blue fire and you can only see this phenomenon in Indonesia and Iceland. Blue fire appears as a reaction of gas from sulfur mountains and mixed with oxygen to form blue flames. Visitors can see blue fire in Ijen Crater precisely during the dry season, namely July to September. At that time, the blue flames appeared bigger and clearer. Moreover, visiting during the dry season makes the hiking trail sandy and dry so it is not dangerous or slippery. If you want to see the blue file phenomenon, then you should climb at 1 am and it will take around 2 hours to get to the location. Ijen's blue fire will become less clear at 5 am.

Blue fire view point & sulfur mining spot

2. Sulfur Mining Processing Spot

Next to the blue fire spot there is a place where the miners collecting the sulfur rocks. This place where they installed long thick pipes to be able to transfer hot steam sulfur into the liquid and ready to be hardened. Haedened sulfur will become sulfur rocks that made them easier to be carried by the bamboo basket and transported to the sulfur factory to be purified. Some of them are making sulfur souvenirs to sell to tourists to make extra money.

Sulfur collection point

3. Sunrise View Point

It's not only blue fire that you can enjoy, you can also see when the sunrise appears around the Ijen Crater. If you want to find the best time to see the sunrise, come in August, because at that time the sun's position appears clearer. So you can see the blue fire by climbing at 1 am and arriving at the location you can also wait for the sun to rise. The estimated sunrise time at the top of the Ijen crater is 05.30. Make sure you bring enough supplies and warm up before climbing.

Sunrise view point at Kawah Ijen

4. Dead Wood View Point

"Dead Wood Area" is a former forest area that was affected by the fire on Mount Ijen and is currently one of the photo spots that is sought after by many tourists. The dead forest at Ijen Crater is quite unique; it is on the edge of the crater area. So from here, you can enjoy it at the same time without any obstacles.

Dead wood view point at Kawah Ijen

5. Hill Top View Point

This is probably the best photo spot with the clear background of the whole acid lake, when there is no foggy day you can also see the background photo of Mount Raung. The most active volcano in East Java, because of this is the most popular spot it may crowded at weekend and public holidays. Beware of your foot steps as the hill is slippery.

Kawah Ijen view from the flat hill view point
Those are 5 photo spots at Kawah Ijen that can't be missed, stay focus and put safety on the first priority. For enquiry about our tour packages, just simply contact us by email or whatsapp.

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